Monday, 18 June 2012

Drop Me Off Here Episode - Georgia

in the very first episode drop me off here chose to visit the country of Georgia.

Located in the Southern Caucasus group with neighbouring countries Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia; Georgia has a little of everything it seems. From the soaring mountains and ski fields of the Greater Caucasus Range with the rarely visited village communities nestled around glacier fed rivers, to the warmth and joy of the Black Sea coast where one can still find seclusion in the mid-summer on its vast coastline.

They spent two weeks exploring this amazing place and left with the breath-taking memory of a country we knew nothing about.

Drop Me Off Here aims to show you just how easy and unpredictable unplanned travel can be!

Bringing back the concept of travel how it used to be, we encourage travellers to ditch the guidebook, phrasebook, compass and all other travelling tools and just rely on there own skills. There are not too many places left undiscovered in this world and with travel reaching a new level of popularity, so by taking it back to a 'grass roots' level brings a new sense of discovery and exploration to your adventure.

 Full Episode

The Wolf Of The Caucasus

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