Monday, 18 June 2012

Unreported World - Abkhazia, Valley of the Lost (31-10-2008)

On the Abkhazian-Russian conquest of the (Georgian held) Kodori Gorge, in the shadow of the 2008 South Ossetian conflict. Highlighting the displacement of (Georgian) civilians, and the contradictory stories of Abkhazian authorities. 

Channel4 wrote: "Fighting in Georgia's breakaway republic of South Ossetia grabbed the headlines in the summer of 2008. But Unreported World reveals that in Georgia's other breakaway republic, Abkhazia, a tragedy was secretly unfolding. 

Arriving in Abkhazia, reporter Aidan Hartley and director Alex Nott hear reports of fierce fighting taking place in the Kodori Gorge, high in the Caucasus mountains. After being forced back at checkpoints by militia commanders, the team talk their way onto a helicopter taking mainly Russian journalists on a government organised trip to the valley.

Full Documentary

The Wolf Of The Caucasus

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